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Many companies, especially of small and medium size, have acquainted over the years an excellent reputation in their home country and would like to start expanding their business abroad.

But in the present economical situation it becomes more and more difficult for small and medium enterprises (SME's) to prove their value in international business.

The first step is in general to participate as exhibitor in a trade fair with international visitors in order to check the existing market for one's own products and to investigate the given market requirements.

If the fair results are promising and leave you with a great variety of contacts, the company's Managing Director often finds himself confronted to a mountain of tasks, which demand for a quick reaction but are often related to unexpected cost and high investment. Moreover, the company is often missing adapted and qualified personnel in condition to care for the international contacts right after the exhibition.

Wouldn't it be a great deal to contract somebody on really short term, who just

  • disposes of appropriate sales skills

  • speaks several languages

  • is flexible in time and work place

  • does not look for a permanent job

  • can start the hot tasks immediately

While you can take the time to

  • check if the term "internationalisation" is still a matter of fact for your company

  • find the right permanent employee for the job

That is where the job of IMS Services starts: an Interim Manager as immediate solution to the current problem. We help you to help yourself!



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